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Why We’re The Best

We are happy you are deciding to use Zen Auto Detailing for your vehicle needs.  We always strive to WOW our clients and am glad you are looking for a company dedicated to customer service.

Zen Auto Detailing was created in March of 2014 with the intention of bringing together detailing and the local community.  What started as a hobby and a desire to make a personal vehicles paint shine grew to a legit LLC with insurance.

Our roots started on reddit, specifically the /r/autodetailing community.  While gaining knowledge, we shared our own tips and tricks and helped boost the entire community of detailers.  Zen Auto Detailing became so respected within the community that they were selected to become a moderator and accepted this new role and new responsibility in January 2015.  I wouldn’t be the detailer I am if it wasn’t for the online community and strive to be as active as possible on the forum.

Carolyn Stanley manages the financials for the business.  With her Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from UCF, we know we are in the right hands.  She is also an outstanding member of her community and participates in events to help bring togetherness within the neighbors.

Jonigan Serrano is our newest member.  While still in training, he is showing great progress and willingness to learn more about detailing.  You can really see the passion as he works with the owner, Michael Stanley.  Jonigan is currently a student at UCF working towards a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Welcome to Zen Auto Detailing.