Your car is now nice and shiny but you know it will get dirty eventually.  Thankfully if you selected our Full Detail package, your vehicle is coated and should keep it’s luster for up to 2 years.

But you still have to wash it every once in a while…we recommend washing your vehicle at least twice a month.  There are several ways you can wash your vehicle and a couple that we highly DO NOT RECOMMEND!

Wash methods that will make your detailer cry:

  • Washing your vehicle with 1 bucket
  • Using the foaming brush at your local car spot
  • Going through the tunnel washer (the car washing place with the funny looking twisty-bits)

Recommended wash methods:

  • Foam Cannon + Two Bucket Method
  • Two Bucket Method

Our Recommendation

We highly recommend investing in a Foam Cannon if you wish to keep your paint in near pristine condition.  They require a pressure washer and some foam cannons may require a trip to the auto store to get the correct fitting.

Foam cannons are a great addition to the traditional two bucket method due to the extra wash time that the vehicle receives without being touched.

[notification style=”tip” font_size=”12px” closeable=”false”] Foam Cannons must be used in conjunction with another wash method as they won’t remove ALL of the dirt. [/notification]

The Maintenance List

Here is a list of the crucial detail items to maintain your paints flawless finish.

Optional equipment:


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