Toyota Highlander Express Wax – Tampa, FL

This Toyota Highlander received our Express Wax Package.  This package is tailored to maintenance washes, and is recommended every 3-6 months after our Express Detail Package.

This job required us to travel outside of our normal driving range and required a mileage service charge.  The client also had me detail his 2014 Honda Accord, but upgraded to the Express Detail Package.

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Zen Auto Detailing Toyota Highlander Foam Bath- Orlando Florida

Foam Bath

Zen Auto Detailing Toyota Highlander Wheel Cleaning- Orlando Florida

Wheel Cleaning

Zen Auto Detailing Toyota Highlander Wheel Cleaning 2- Orlando Florida

Clean Barrels – The sign of a true detail

Zen Auto Detailing Toyota Highlander Express Wax- Orlando Florida

Finished Product

Interested in the Full Details?

Here is our list of supplies used in this detail.

Products Used:



  • Iron X
  • Lug Nut Brush
  • Wheel Master Brushes
  • APC
  • Optimum Tire Gel


  • Collinite 845


  • ONR (Diluted as QD)
  • Costco Microfibers
  • Horse Hair Brush
  • Boar’s Hair Vent Brushes (Various sizes)
  • APC